Geneva ODD a summer camp to visit WMG

Geneva ODD a summer camp to visit WMG

Geneva ODD a summer camp to visit WMG
Two o’clock this afternoon, Geneva ODD summer camp to visit WMG.

Some people will ask ODD what is it? Can you eat? Here is my introduction.



In September 2015, world leaders pledged to set 17 goals for sustainable development (Development Goals SDGs = Sustainable); (French: Objectifs de D veloppement Durable Les = ODD). In the next 15 years, the government will strive to achieve the goals, such as the fight against extreme poverty, unequal combat and respond to climate change. In order to achieve these goals, we need to call in the younger generation of the current era, and encourage them to play a positive and meaningful role in the response to SDGs.


The ODD project aims at summer camp, based on team cooperation, joint problem solving, and hands-on prototype, from the concept of travel stage summer camp in Geneva, the actual prototype proofs to the summer camp during the project, eventually to Tsinghua summer camp with Chinese teachers, school students and Chinese record passenger movement in the ecological environment, the adjustment of the prototype perfect..


The visitors to the world’s visit is mainly to allow visitors to understand our business model, the prototype proofing and product architecture. Visit the main route for the leading record of the world first floor exhibition area, creating the world office and product display area – Galaxy temple. Please look at the picture.


WoW~~xiaoyuzaijia so  cool~


Everyone loves our tablet computer.


This is the 3D printing technology to print out the human skeleton.


Everyone on our 3D print proofing is very interested in, hope to be able to learn more, Tsinghua University students said they want to 3D printers can enter their laboratory. Privately also asked a lot of knowledge about 3D printing, and said learned a lot of things, to benefit a lot.

Girl, you are so naughty~~


Play together ~~

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Windmill is the most popular ~~

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Our medical bed is cool, man, you look so happy.

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Go to visit the temple.

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