Fab 12 record passenger visits MWG

Fab 12 record passenger visits MWG

A group of foreigners to visit WMG


A group of foreigners to visit WMG

who are they?

They come from?

Where you want to go?


About WMG


It turned out that they are from the Fab12 to visit the visitors to WMG, WMG is a collection of Industrial Design Industry Association of Shenzhen hardware industry, the establishment of a senior team of product development company. Is a platform for connecting hardware innovation and manufacturing industry, is also an ecosystem around innovative intelligent hardware manufacturing.

The product display area on the first floor.


Visit the office environment, there is a large lawn.


Indoor environment is also very good.


Everyone is full of curiosity.


Intern’s research results, multi function pull rod box


Yes, this is the famous multi – functional medical bed.



The company is mainly engaged in the sale of packaging products and industrial gifts. The company has professional design and development team, has a complete production line automation, quality control system and perfect the reasonable management system, from production to sales shipments by the entire ERP computer network management system with independent property rights. Company 2013 annual total output of about 28 million, the output value of about 300 million, the typical customer brand has Adidas, Guess, Flat500, Vespa, Ferrari, Mini, etc., the product market in the European countries.



Clean and tidy production environment

fab12 fab13

The combination of artificial and technology is the trend of the future.


Staff to explain the relevant equipment and systems



WOW~~ Many 3D printers ~~

fab17 fab18 fab19 fab20

Product display area, there must be suitable for you


Iron Man

fab22 fab23


Sannuo’s main product is digital multimedia audio, digital audio, mini audio and graphic arts digital cinema, more than and 10 famous TCL, founder, Tsinghua Tongfang, Lenovo, Haier, innovative technology, LG, WAL-MART and other brands of products, market share among the best in the country, and exported to more than and 30 countries in the world, was awarded the “advanced unit of foreign trade” and “credit unit”, Sannuo play to the wisdom of the integration of resources, product lines will be extended to the computer peripheral products and digital products, computer chassis, keyboard, mouse, set-top box, MP3, MP4, PMP, formed on the basis of multimedia and home theater in product manufacturing, computer and network application of digital products and services for the direction of the diversified investment management group.

fab24 fab25

FabLab’s founder is coming too.

fab27 fab26

A day of work square to visit, and finally in the Sannuo group’s dinner ended successfully.