Fab 12 record passenger visits MWG

Fab 12 record passenger visits MWG

A group of foreigners to visit WMG


A group of foreigners to visit WMG

who are they?

They come from?

Where you want to go?


About WMG


It turned out that they are from the Fab12 to visit the visitors to WMG, WMG is a collection of Industrial Design Industry Association of Shenzhen hardware industry, the establishment of a senior team of product development company. Is a platform for connecting hardware innovation and manufacturing industry, is also an ecosystem around innovative intelligent hardware manufacturing.

The product display area on the first floor.


Visit the office environment, there is a large lawn.


Indoor environment is also very good.


Everyone is full of curiosity.


Intern’s research results, multi function pull rod box


Yes, this is the famous multi – functional medical bed.



The company is mainly engaged in the sale of packaging products and industrial gifts. The company has professional design and development team, has a complete production line automation, quality control system and perfect the reasonable management system, from production to sales shipments by the entire ERP computer network management system with independent property rights. Company 2013 annual total output of about 28 million, the output value of about 300 million, the typical customer brand has Adidas, Guess, Flat500, Vespa, Ferrari, Mini, etc., the product market in the European countries.



Clean and tidy production environment

fab12 fab13

The combination of artificial and technology is the trend of the future.


Staff to explain the relevant equipment and systems



WOW~~ Many 3D printers ~~

fab17 fab18 fab19 fab20

Product display area, there must be suitable for you


Iron Man

fab22 fab23


Sannuo’s main product is digital multimedia audio, digital audio, mini audio and graphic arts digital cinema, more than and 10 famous TCL, founder, Tsinghua Tongfang, Lenovo, Haier, innovative technology, LG, WAL-MART and other brands of products, market share among the best in the country, and exported to more than and 30 countries in the world, was awarded the “advanced unit of foreign trade” and “credit unit”, Sannuo play to the wisdom of the integration of resources, product lines will be extended to the computer peripheral products and digital products, computer chassis, keyboard, mouse, set-top box, MP3, MP4, PMP, formed on the basis of multimedia and home theater in product manufacturing, computer and network application of digital products and services for the direction of the diversified investment management group.

fab24 fab25

FabLab’s founder is coming too.

fab27 fab26

A day of work square to visit, and finally in the Sannuo group’s dinner ended successfully.




Today at 11 am, in the grand China Sheraton Hotel six floor ballroom, the long-awaited Lab Fab twelfth annual meeting of the media will be officially started. Fab Lab, founder of MIT bit with atomic center director Neal Gershenfeld, Professor Fab foundation president Shirley – Tracy special lady, Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association executive vice president and Secretary General Feng Changhong, Shenzhen’s first  Fab Lab – the Shenzhen open innovation laboratory founder Mr. Li Dawei attended the meeting. The scene has more than 40 mainstream media reports.

A very interesting brain storm.


Fun from Peru


Crazy media meeting

fab12-3 fab12-4

Photo is very cute ~

people mountain people sea的的宴会厅

Dinner scene:



“Makers go west”buddy reunion!



Following the Boston fab12, fab11 once again met Peru’s FAB small partner! It’s so high.



Fab members around the world have not seen a year.


Next, to share with you the next Fab 12 years will be very creative and interesting surrounding products.

The most common: two uses of the backpack


This White Canvas Backpack, shoulder or shoulders back can be, men and women are Hold live style! Walking on the road, if you see someone carrying this backpack, do not hesitate to go up to say hi~

The Innovation: the badge is made of iron.



This is not only the iron badge will be the logo, but also the annual meeting of the ticket.


Most interesting: Lab Fab world map




All participants will not only get a portable Lab Fab world map, the annual meeting of the scene we also printed out a super large Oh, a guest who can make their own place in the above, fill color. Please look at this man, is seriously in the creation of it! PS. did you find out where Shenzhen is.

The most fashionable: Commemorative T-shirt







1 The country’s largest Hackerspace gathering area in Longgang

In the 2015 Shenzhen international record week period, the country’s largest gathering area of WORLD – MAKER Hackerspace settled in Longgang. Shenzhen has attracted record passenger Industrial Design Association special committee, unimaker record off Union, Friends of the rich and other institutions and organizations, as well as open manufacturing space, creating open passenger Square, bean sprouts record passenger space, south Lai Workshop, wood cat, artists guest garden, factories and other public a record passenger space and a plurality of venture capital institutions settled.The hackerspaces district is located in Sakata Street stars in the world, the total area of 5000 square meters, is the largest passenger record industry chain gathering area.



2 Create a “Shenzhen model” create a guest ecological platform

Build an international center to create a guest, to create a better environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, Shenzhen has to embrace this era ahead of time to prepare. The development of a guest, will become the new engine of economic growth in Shenzhen. Innovation driven, but also become a new model of economic development in Shenzhen. Maker is able to flourish in Shenzhen, it is precisely because of Shenzhen has a natural innovation and improve the environment and improve the environment. The “Shenzhen model” creating ecological platform: to provide intelligent hardware including industrial design, technical support, creating education, manufacturing, marketing, and accelerate the hatch hit off the cover of the whole industry chain service. World Maker will provide intelligent hardware including industrial design, technical support, creating education, manufacturing, marketing, etc. to accelerate the incubation of the whole industrial chain covering a passenger service for the occupants, a passenger can complete the project before and during preparations for manufacturing here. In addition, the major space will be based on the unique advantages of Shenzhen manufacturing industry chain, here to explore together to create a “Shenzhen model” of a guest ecological platform.



3 Service Maker “Platform Platform”

People are willing to pay attention to the Silicon Valley, to a large extent because it is representative of the high efficiency of enterprise organization model. At the moment, Shenzhen has the vitality of the same as the early Silicon Valley, began to attract more people, money and resources. Create a guest world as a large capacity of the record off platform, we are trying to make ourselves become the “Silicon Valley style” high efficiency enterprise model of the organizers, will gather around the world Makers. The benefits of aggregation are obvious. As the “open” and “sharing” is one of the essentials of creating spirit, in the Internet era, the weak hit off, seek cooperation is clearly better than the simple method of expanding the volume of more effective.


“Platform”: open workshops, responsible for the technical support of scientific research center, resource rich incubator, sharing technology and the successful experience of creating school, as well as the roadshow hall, the project of vital importance play a key role in the investment and financing mechanism. Such a framework of customer world complete coverage of individual guests from idea to grow into the whole process of enterprise, this means that a customer will no longer need to seek cooperation across as in the past, in this big world record passenger space, can be completed in circulation. Here, you can find a partner, technical support, investors, and even help you will become more beautiful product industrial design team, and when you enter into time back to the way you misunderstanding of entrepreneurial mentors.


4 Features and advantages

1、Large capacity carrier and complete ecological chain

Including Hackerspace, nursery, incubators, accelerators, investment and financing institutions, can form an endogenous cycle. At the same time, the formation of a small space in a single internal closed loop, including creativity, industrial design, prototyping, modeling, entrepreneurship acceleration, a customer education, market exchange, investment, road shows and other links. Large space sets of small space, chain accumulation can reduce the cost of creating a customer’s transaction, shorten the growth cycle, reduce the risk of growth.



Has settled in a guest, there is no lack of international background of the talent; and Chinese University Hong Kong cooperation, WORLD Xinghe and Silicon Valley’s business alliance is conducive to the introduction of international invasive.


3、Sufficient capital

Xinghe is the second largest shareholder of Shenzhen Venture Capital, venture deep WORLD World maker Xinghe to set up a project Xinghe clay fund World maker to build Longgang Eastern Shenzhen innovation center has played a good role in promoting, but also attracted the support of the government.


4、Rich resources

Shenzhen City Industrial Design Industry Association (SIDA) platform resource advantages and professional service guidance.


5、Policy advantage

Shenzhen municipal government and Longgang district government has introduced the establishment and perfection of the hackerspaces, cultivation of talents, strengthen a passenger hit off the public service, create creating cultural environment, broaden the financing channels, creating funds to strengthen financial guidance “and a series of policies and measures to promote the development of a customer. Create the world as China’s largest industrial chain of a guest gathering area, will better respond to the use of government policies to achieve a better development of the world’s record.