Manufacturing management

Six, production management department (Supply Chain Management)

Mainly for hardware R & D / production / manufacturing how to achieve efficient products from the sample to mass production.

Team 20 years of production management background, with rich experience in product planning, product development, product testing, product service and other areas of practice and management. In charge of product design and development, NPI, project manager, product manager, research manager, enterprise management consultant positions; once in a famous domestic communications equipment company worked for 7 years (97 ~ 04), during the period of working with top international consultants, as core members participate in promoting the development of management system the company’s change, product design, and as a product manager leading a product line of a number of large-scale project development, test, production and market work. 7 years of research and development management consulting experience, leading the more than and 20 R & D project management consulting, project related to the scope of market demand, product planning, product development, product decision, technology assessment, technology development, research and development organization, research performance, technical qualifications, project management

Software develop

Five, software design

Professional visual and interactive designers, professional APP design team and WeChat development team. Build product solutions. From the customer experience, and continuously improve the product details, to optimize, for the customer to create a lightweight visual and interactive environment.

APP development: for the needs of users, from the needs of the start, breaking the traditional said one to do a research and development model. Using team marketing and technology R & D experience, all of our advantages are reflected in the customer’s products.

WeChat development: professional R & D technology combined with innovative and creative UI layout design, to create a one-stop web site card service. Details on the user experience, background management. To focus on the simplicity of the customer’s operations.

Mechanical Engineering

Four, mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering design is the work principle, mechanical structure, motion, force and energy transfer, the various parts of the material and shape size and lubrication methods for design, analysis and calculation of mechanical design and transforming it into the description of the concrete as manufacturing basis according to customer requirements, and professional cooperation engaged in electromechanical integration research and design, processing, installation and commissioning etc. all in one service company, specializes in product design and consulting equipment research and development, mechanical design, finite element analysis, equipment research and development company, the ultimate goal is to meet the needs of customers. Mechanical Engineering Department commonly used software are PRO/E, AUTOCAD, SOWLIDWORK, UG, etc.. The common modern design methods of the team are optimization design, similarity design, computer aided design, design methodology, reliability design, finite

Mechanic Design

Three, structural design

Product structure design is the design of the internal structure and mechanical parts of the product. A good product must first be practical, and the function of the product depends on a good structure design. Structural design is one of the basic contents of mechanical design, but also the whole product design process is the most complex part of the work, in the process of product formation, plays a vital role. Designers should not only conceive a series of related parts to achieve the function, but also consider the compact product structure, beautiful appearance, it should be safe and durable, good performance, but also easy to manufacture, reduce costs.

The most important step is how to achieve a balance between engineering technology and design, which is the most important step in the transformation of excellent design ideas into products that can withstand the test of the market and consumers. In order to ensure the design benefit maximization, we also provide perfect technical support before the start of the design and the completion of the design.

Many new horizons, new ideas. According to the customer’s own characteristics and different needs, tailored design services for customers.

Industry Design

Two. Department of industrial design:

Design services include

Product image: integrated design is the most powerful visual language to promote their own brand. In the market competition, the enterprise must transfer the brand concept and information to consumers through a certain way, and ultimately create a complete brand image in the minds of consumers, and the product is the best carrier of brand image.

Innovation: Based on enterprise brand vision, starting from the strategic level, cooperative enterprises, to tackle, by providing customized strategic design solutions, product upgrade, occupy the minds of consumers, brand strategic transformation.

Brand planning: brand competitiveness is the embodiment of the strength of enterprises, and products and services is the most advantageous weapons in the hands of enterprises. Brand planning is to create a distinctive brand positioning by giving the brand a deep and rich cultural connotation.

Market Research: research team will gain insight into the world of consumers, understand their behavior and habits, for design innovation and research and development to identify the direction. Analyzing and studying the competitor, extracting professional data, for the enterprise in the competition in the first step.

Industrial Design: we have a strong team of senior designers, through a variety of ways to bring more new horizons, new ideas. According to the customer’s own characteristics and different needs, tailored design services for customers.

Electronic engineering

The core team of the electronic engineering department is mainly composed of the top technical talents with many years of practical experience in enterprise management and IT research. Hardware and software R & D team can be customized according to customer demand for different types of mobile devices and Internet applications based on the product. Products include industrial control board, smart wearable devices, smart hardware, industry custom and other mobile terminal products, etc.. From the early development to the selection of materials and manufacturing processes are “high requirements, high standards” for management. For high-end products to provide ODM and OEM services, in the flying Si Carle, X86 platform and low power ARM platform for customers to customize hardware, software products. For high-end products to provide ODM and OEM services, in the flying Si Carle, X86 platform and low power ARM platform for customers to customize hardware, software products. In the field of health care, cloud computing, automatic control, vehicle and other areas for customers to customize the core board and the underlying Android, Linux system, and Foxconn cooperation to provide customers with quality products manufacturing services. At present, the cooperation of customers with Neusoft group, IBM and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad.