2005 Shenzhen Han Sheng assembly technology limited liability company founded in Shenzhen, the company mainly engaged in non-standard automation equipment reciprocating spraying machine industrial robot application integration and development. The 2016 production base moved to Dongguan City Shima village Tangxia town Sony light industrial park, also reached a strategic cooperation with Sony group. At present, Shenzhen Han Sheng assembly technology, the company responsible for the operation of the market, brand promotion, business contact and work with clients. The research and production base is located in Dongguan town Tangxia City Shima village, responsible for the company’s product design, material supply, manufacture, installation, adjustment and test, technical training and customer service service. The company established east China office in Suzhou, responsible for the company in East China market development, product sales, engineering supervision, customer contact and after-sales service. More than ten years, our integrity and pragmatic, innovation, expanding the scale, the company has total assets of over 50 million yuan (including fixed assets of more than 10 million yuan), the staff of nearly 300 people, senior engineer and technical staff of nearly 50 people, and has a high-quality design and development, technical team and high precision and digital. Production equipment.