Dongguan Zhouquan Plastic and Hardware Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2009, located at Chang An Zhen An Science-base Park. We focus on the development of black-and-white and two-color mold for digital still camera, injection and double-shot plastic forming, painting/printing/vacuum sputtering/assembly.

Chou Chin Co., Ltd was founded in 1998 and headquartered in Taiwan. Chou Chin Electronic Ltd. was established in Taiwan. Chou Chin Plastic & Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd and Chou Quan Plastic & Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd were established in Humen and Chang An, Dongguan, China; the company area occupies 65,000 m2 and has 2500 employees. With the continuous innovation and scientific technology, we always dedicate to plastic electronic parts and make efforts to achieve the customer’s satisfaction….