Three, structural design

Product structure design is the design of the internal structure and mechanical parts of the product. A good product must first be practical, and the function of the product depends on a good structure design. Structural design is one of the basic contents of mechanical design, but also the whole product design process is the most complex part of the work, in the process of product formation, plays a vital role. Designers should not only conceive a series of related parts to achieve the function, but also consider the compact product structure, beautiful appearance, it should be safe and durable, good performance, but also easy to manufacture, reduce costs.

The most important step is how to achieve a balance between engineering technology and design, which is the most important step in the transformation of excellent design ideas into products that can withstand the test of the market and consumers. In order to ensure the design benefit maximization, we also provide perfect technical support before the start of the design and the completion of the design.

Many new horizons, new ideas. According to the customer’s own characteristics and different needs, tailored design services for customers.