Six, production management department (Supply Chain Management)

Mainly for hardware R & D / production / manufacturing how to achieve efficient products from the sample to mass production.

Team 20 years of production management background, with rich experience in product planning, product development, product testing, product service and other areas of practice and management. In charge of product design and development, NPI, project manager, product manager, research manager, enterprise management consultant positions; once in a famous domestic communications equipment company worked for 7 years (97 ~ 04), during the period of working with top international consultants, as core members participate in promoting the development of management system the company’s change, product design, and as a product manager leading a product line of a number of large-scale project development, test, production and market work. 7 years of research and development management consulting experience, leading the more than and 20 R & D project management consulting, project related to the scope of market demand, product planning, product development, product decision, technology assessment, technology development, research and development organization, research performance, technical qualifications, project management