Two. Department of industrial design:

Design services include

Product image: integrated design is the most powerful visual language to promote their own brand. In the market competition, the enterprise must transfer the brand concept and information to consumers through a certain way, and ultimately create a complete brand image in the minds of consumers, and the product is the best carrier of brand image.

Innovation: Based on enterprise brand vision, starting from the strategic level, cooperative enterprises, to tackle, by providing customized strategic design solutions, product upgrade, occupy the minds of consumers, brand strategic transformation.

Brand planning: brand competitiveness is the embodiment of the strength of enterprises, and products and services is the most advantageous weapons in the hands of enterprises. Brand planning is to create a distinctive brand positioning by giving the brand a deep and rich cultural connotation.

Market Research: research team will gain insight into the world of consumers, understand their behavior and habits, for design innovation and research and development to identify the direction. Analyzing and studying the competitor, extracting professional data, for the enterprise in the competition in the first step.

Industrial Design: we have a strong team of senior designers, through a variety of ways to bring more new horizons, new ideas. According to the customer’s own characteristics and different needs, tailored design services for customers.