Today at 11 am, in the grand China Sheraton Hotel six floor ballroom, the long-awaited Lab Fab twelfth annual meeting of the media will be officially started. Fab Lab, founder of MIT bit with atomic center director Neal Gershenfeld, Professor Fab foundation president Shirley – Tracy special lady, Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association executive vice president and Secretary General Feng Changhong, Shenzhen’s first  Fab Lab – the Shenzhen open innovation laboratory founder Mr. Li Dawei attended the meeting. The scene has more than 40 mainstream media reports.

A very interesting brain storm.


Fun from Peru


Crazy media meeting

fab12-3 fab12-4

Photo is very cute ~

people mountain people sea的的宴会厅

Dinner scene:



“Makers go west”buddy reunion!



Following the Boston fab12, fab11 once again met Peru’s FAB small partner! It’s so high.



Fab members around the world have not seen a year.


Next, to share with you the next Fab 12 years will be very creative and interesting surrounding products.

The most common: two uses of the backpack


This White Canvas Backpack, shoulder or shoulders back can be, men and women are Hold live style! Walking on the road, if you see someone carrying this backpack, do not hesitate to go up to say hi~

The Innovation: the badge is made of iron.



This is not only the iron badge will be the logo, but also the annual meeting of the ticket.


Most interesting: Lab Fab world map




All participants will not only get a portable Lab Fab world map, the annual meeting of the scene we also printed out a super large Oh, a guest who can make their own place in the above, fill color. Please look at this man, is seriously in the creation of it! PS. did you find out where Shenzhen is.

The most fashionable: Commemorative T-shirt