In March this year, Shenzhen city in the international exchange and cooperation foundation, Shenzhen 10 outstanding record passenger travel to Silicon Valley for a period of three weeks of the study of “practice” into Google, Intel, etc. in the future field of science and technology of a large company leading the exchange of learning. UniMaker founder Yang Yang also had the privilege to participate in this “hit off the west” activities, visiting the Silicon Valley. At present, 10 a passenger has returned to Shenzhen and entered the closed door practice, will visit the United States about creating camp experience and harvest in May the share exchange meeting.


Field visits to the world’s first class record

Last November 6th, Shenzhen International Exchange Cooperation Foundation sponsored the first “Makers go west – Shenzhen Makers tour fueling plan started to collect outstanding record passenger” Silicon Valley tour dream “, finally 10 from industrial design, Internet business in different areas of the Makers talent shows itself through the layers of screening.


In the Makers go west exchange activities, 10 Makers is eye-opening. They visited the United States most prestigious platform to raise the public, incubators, hackerspaces and venture capital companies, in-depth understanding of research and development of things new trend and cutting-edge industrial design ideas, especially to visit Google, Intel, AI and other artificial intelligence laboratory creating heaven let them leave a deep impression.


Three weeks to go to the United States to exchange the exchange of cooperation sparks


A passenger from UniMaker union Yang Yang has reached a preliminary cooperation and Autodesk software’s intention, will further explore cooperation in product application, software development. Yang Yang said, in communicating with the American company, to have a deeper understanding of 3D printing technology, advanced manufacturing experience in Shenzhen has very good reference significance, can make 3D printing in the future application market is more open.


Liang Hongen is in contact with the U.S. business incubator, entrepreneurial companies and other institutions, the United States hit off a culture more in-depth understanding, he believes that Shenzhen should have more different institutions for entrepreneurial enthusiasts services, establishment of community operation maxspace will refer to the United States multiculturalism in Shenzhen, to attract young people creating hands-on implementation the hearts of the creative ideas.


Share exchange learning outcomes in Shenzhen


“We can see that Makers has broken the old mode of thinking in communication, is no longer confined to the restrictions and fetters.” Activities hosted by the Shenzhen open innovation laboratory CEO Li Ran said. According to him, off the record journey activities focus on interactive learning and depth exchanges, let Maker know how to develop the international market, intelligent hardware market, how to do a Maker company, advanced experience creating culture, creating idea and operation mode etc.


Makers go west activities also attracted the attention of the United States a record of the community. It is reported that 10 Makers visit the more than and 20 hit off the exchange platform of the United States, caused great repercussions in the local, a Shenzhen Makers meeting held in Silicon Valley activities, originally thought that only more than 20 foreign friends to participate, but did not think much of the scene more than and 100 foreigners to exchange, there are still many company executives.



1、Liang Hongen: the establishment of Hackerspace for young people
I often help different entrepreneurial team to do some innovative projects, like to make their own products to realize the idea, very much like to experience the environment in the United States to create a home. During the visit to Silicon Valley, I see the Bay Area diversification of entrepreneurial community, creating cultural groups, access to large enterprises, universities, non mainstream community, business incubators, entrepreneurial companies and other institutions, this let me in the United States have a more in-depth understanding of creating culture.
The United States hit off the ecosystem environment is more diversified, more abundant, Shenzhen should have more different institutions for entrepreneurial enthusiasts service, I will refer to the diverse and inclusive community mode of operation, the establishment of a hackerspaces in Shenzhen, hoping to attract young people who love to participate in the activities of their own, to achieve creative ideas.


2、Wang Yixin: to create a more avant-garde interesting work
As an artist and director of the advertising film, I also played a photographer’s identity in the go west Makers campaign. I have been eager to contact with different cultures and environments, to get involved in more cutting-edge areas, such as the current hot visual concept of virtual reality”. Visiting the Stanford University, the work of the workshop let me gain a lot, I particularly admire the creative people advocating the spirit of freedom and innovation, they do not make money to consider a person or product, more with feelings into it
After returning to Shenzhen, I am ready to prepare for the VR content in the personal studio, with both hands to create interesting, avant-garde, new things. In addition, many domestic entrepreneurs are too obsessed with short-term interests, hoping to learn from the United States to create a customer education model, the vision and thinking to put the long-term。


3、Wu Zongting: Hackerspace will be planning to serve the students
I started with Maker from the high school, in the period of three years in the 3D printer, hit off the marathon event, would like to take this opportunity to deeply understand the development trend of the off the record, create an open student Hackerspace.
The study tour is the deepest feelings during a visit to noise bridge Hackerspace, a local Makers in doing something with a purpose of not too big, more is to consider what role, through the practice of self rising, this kind of thinking is worth us to learn. I plan to set up a club to enhance students’ awareness and participation.


4、Jin Yan: sharing the Silicon Valley Hackerspace model
I want to know the most is to learn from the operation mode and management method of the United States Hackerspace, D of the Stanford University and PRL school (Product Realization Lab) are particularly interesting, D School in order to develop the design thinking of students, to encourage students to think of innovation, and pay more attention to the practice of PRL, which are all hand-made pattern. If School D and PRL combined together, this is a relatively complete model of the development of the customer.
We also visited a lot of celebrities, world famous enterprises, learn a lot of management mode of creating education curriculum development, I hope I can share the Silicon Valley Hackerspace operating mode, for the cultivation of students’ school record passenger for Shenzhen transportation outstanding record passenger personnel.

5、Cao Hui: To explore the hardware industry chain and the Maker depth
I am EMIE hardware accelerator partner, responsible for the hardware supply chain, in the first 7 years of accumulated occupation career management hardware projects more than 100, I hope to understand the United States hit off the ecological, and foreign hit off the discussion in the field of hardware, hoping to use Shenzhen’s hardware supply chain resources, to assist foreign guests to complete research and development to mass production.
In the United States, I contacted a lot of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, but also to see a lot of Silicon Valley hardware business projects, very confident that the use of Shenzhen’s hardware industry chain resources to provide the corresponding help. In addition, Shenzhen has the world’s best hardware creating environment, many passengers are a first contact with a foreign person, a lot of cooperation may just floating on the surface of intention, hope that through this exchange, to build bridges of Shenzhen passenger and international platform, let the real landing cooperation.

6、Li Fengjun: to promote the creation of a guest sharing culture in Shenzhen
Previously, I plan to launch a network talk show “off the record” era, which need to be familiar with and understand the development of a passenger movement, a passenger center during a visit to Sudo Room and the non mainstream culture laboratory, library of San Francisco teenagers, I more profound understanding of entrepreneurship in the United States rely mainly on spontaneous consciousness. Although the evolution process takes longer, but this freedom force will create many unexpected surprises.
Shenzhen is an international metropolis, the future should pay attention to create customer culture, create business is actually a shared economy, creating more cooperation than competition, and the traditional business is different, the survival rate of the traditional business and the success rate is very low, but off the record between can seek differences to seek more cooperation and healthy competition, I will take my findings, let Shenzhen people know the real record passenger movement.


7、Yang Yang: open vision to re planning the road of Maker
In 2012 I founded the Shenzhen prototype Solid Modeling Technology Co. Ltd. and UniMaker hit off the alliance, I hope by the “Makers go west” this platform, put foreign hardware production into the domestic demand, as well as the understanding of 3D printing market in the United states.
The United States and Autodesk and AC 3D printed car company Local Motors let me benefit a lot, can feel the entrepreneurial environment is very fierce competition, only certain government policy guidance and infrastructure to give input, it also created a variety of Silicon Valley maxspace market environment. Shenzhen hopes to establish a sound international exchange and communication mechanism in the future, so that more international companies to communicate in Shenzhen.

8、Huang Yurong: the creation of a diversified culture of the ecological environment
I was a researcher at the Shenzhen University Institute for cultural industries, from 2014 began to focus on the culture of innovation, to Silicon Valley mainly want to hit off the ecological investigation of bay area system. Silicon Valley a variety of operating methods, and different ways of creating a close relationship between the organization and the formation of a close relationship, which gave me a lot of inspiration.
In the United States has a liberal entrepreneurial environment, a diversified cultural atmosphere, which are worth learning from Shenzhen. In the two aspects of entrepreneurial creativity, Shenzhen to start from the source of innovation, a customer education is not just a shoulder to pick, enterprise, society, school is the main body.


9、Du Weiqiang: Maker should have free and independent thinking
Over the years I have been engaged in industrial designers, involved in a lot of different industry product design services, has been very much like to have the opportunity to contact the United States to create a customer groups, to understand the status of the United States and its social roots.
In the United States during the three week study tour to the United States, I hit off the culture had a more systematic understanding of the update. For example, Standford’s D-School college is a college without formal admissions, students are from the cross border design, thinking is very unique. I think a guest should be like this, do not need to have too many concerns, will be in the hearts of the design methods and tools to show through the design.


10、Li Yunqiang: Maker should dare to identify the point of interest
As an industrial designer, I particularly hope to see the US Maker gene, Maker culture, Maker environment, of the Stanford University gave me particularly impressed, where the teacher from the computer, engineering, commerce, arts and other different fields, design thinking and research methods gave me great inspiration.
In the United States, Makers is more based on interest to do one thing, and constantly explore, improve, adhere to, until the attract more users, the company only to enter the commercialization, the funds will come naturally. In addition, the difference between China and the west to create a business environment, Shenzhen enterprises should first understand the local entrepreneurial environment, and dare to butt international resources, and thus promote international development.


Makers go west: Shenzhen a passenger study tour fueling plan


Innovation and the world will be connected together in Shenzhen, Shenzhen International Exchange and Cooperation Foundation brand items “Makers go west: Shenzhen a passenger study tour encourage plan”, public international exchange programs as a domestic record passenger entrepreneurial circles starting to help build Shenzhen Creative Talents international communication platform, fully relying on the Shenzhen “design” and “hardware Silicon Valley” industrial advantages, candidates for the world, through the “declaration – Finalist – summary trial – scheduled distribution – plans to implement the project -Demo Day- share – Results released “the process for candidates with mature commercial operation of one-stop platform, and talent as a bridge between the drive and the international city of Shenzhen to enhance the exchange of innovation.