product manual:

2016 IF Design Award

Riding companion, city biking is a whole new experience

Bluetooth Speaker rugged and can be fixed with a bracket

Let the music with you around

3W speakers with a sensitive and accurate MIC

So it can become a hands-free device, freeing your hands

As the use of mobile power

8,000 mAh battery

Built-in charging cable and USB charging port

Convenient to charge electronic devices

Powerful dual LED lights to provide adequate illumination for urban cycling

All properties are designed to create a better riding experience for us.


Shell material: plastic

Size: 152x48x48mm

Battery capacity: 8000mAh

Core type: cylindrical aluminum shell

Additional features: LED with flashlight

Color: red yellow army green

Battery capacity: 7001mAh (inclusive) -8000mAh (inclusive)

Battery type: lithium ion battery